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Give today and save the life of a child in crisis!

Each gift will provide children and families in natural disaster situations with INSTANT access to safe, clean drinking water FOR FIVE YEARS.

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Give Some Dollars, Send Some Filters, Save Some Lives!

UNICEF reported that in 2016 alone, approximately 8% of all child deaths under the age of 5 globally was the result of diarrhea. That means roughly 1,300 little ones die EACH DAY or 480,000 children a year (Diarrhoeal Disease, 2018). Staggering figures.... But what is more shocking is that of deaths resulting from diarrhea worldwide, almost 60 % are attributable to unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene and sanitation and therefore preventable.....a true tragedy (UNICEF, Diarrhoeal Disease, 2018).

But what if there WAS a water filter that could filter out microbes and contaminants? What if we COULD give these children and their families instant access to SAFE drinking water in the middle of their crisis?

Introducing...the Zoen 0.1 Micron Water Filter....

Each Zoen Water Filter will remove 99.999999% of water contaminants responsible for disease, diarrhea and death - and that's even better than bottled water! - resulting in a single filter producing 100 GALLONS PER DAY of crystal-clear drinking water for FIVE YEARS ......and to international quality standard ISO 9001-2008.

The Zoen Water Filter is a durable, light, easy-to-use solution for any individual or family hopelessly and desperately STUCK in a water crisis environment resulting from natural disasters like monsoon floods, earthquake or hurricane devastation. Lakes and rivers overflow and sewage mixes with water ways resulting in disease outbreaks, diarrhea, and often death.

For around the cost of a hamburger and a movie ticket, YOU can give someone in need the gift of a constant supply of safe water in their home. Even with little to no education or resources, the Water Serve Foundation will provide recipients with this revolutionary drinking water tool AND the basic training of use and installation to accompany it. The education is simple and effective because the filter has been designed specifically to be simple yet powerful.....for the cross-cultural context and with the poor or uneducated in mind. Providing filter capability in the MIDDLE of difficult situations is a vital step in the fight to help the more than 785 million who still lack access to a basic drinking water service today (WHO, Key Facts, 2018). And give their little ones a chance at life.....